Your gift to the Saint-Jean-Baptiste Educational Foundation helps us help college students with their educational and career endeavors. The SJBEF helps to relieve some of the burden of college expenses and supports students in a variety of meaningful ways. There are different methods that one can consider when making a charitable contribution. You can designate a gift that honors your philanthropic intentions, while at the same time help to achieve your financial and tax planning goals. Properly planned giving can also maximize your tax benefits. Whatever your gift might be, large or small, please know that it is deeply appreciated.

Gifts of Cash and Annual Appeal
Cash contributions are a quick and easy way to show your support of the SJBEF. Simply write a check, make a cash donation, or donate online. If your employer has a matching gifts program, you could double or even triple your donation to the SJBEF. Individuals may join our list of dedicated donors who make an annual donation to the SJBEF.

Gifts of Life Insurance
Contributions to the Foundation may also come from the proceeds of a person’s life insurance policy at time of death. It’s a donation that provides a sizable gift at a fraction of the cost and the yearly premiums are tax-deductible. The proceeds are also not probated at death and there are no gift taxes to the SJBEF. To contribute a life insurance policy, simply name the SJBEF as beneficiary or partial beneficiary.

Gifts of Securities
Contributions of stock or other securities are a welcome gift to the SJBEF. If you contribute appreciated securities that you have held for one year or more, there are potential capital gains benefits.

By leaving a bequest to the SJBEF in your will, you will make a lasting contribution to the Foundation. You can designate a specific amount, a percentage of your total estate, or a share of the residue after gifts to your heirs. There is no dollar amount that is too small or large.

The Foundation has been the beneficiary of a number of bequests. This has helped to substantially increase the number and amount of scholarships given annually.

Living Trusts
When you choose a living trust you can provide for yourself and your family before and after your death. You can arrange a contribution through a living trust by naming the SJBEF as a beneficiary.

Retirement Plan Gifts
You can name the SJBEF as beneficiary of your pension, 401K, IRA or other retirement plan. This gift could be the most cost-effective that you can make because you avoid the possible double taxation on retirement plan assets left to your heirs.

Gifts of Real Estate
Your charitable contribution of real estate – a personal residence, farm, vacation home, commercial real estate or vacant land – is a tax-wise gift that has income and capital gains tax advantages. By choosing an option called “Retained Life Estate” you can give your personal residence to the SJBEF and still maintain lifetime use of the property.

Other giving options include:

  • Charitable Gift Annuities
  • Charitable Remainder Trusts
  • Charitable Lead Trusts
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